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Why build a traditional system for processing media, with fixed capacity and limited applications, when SDVI Rally can build one for you on demand?


Scaling as required, predictable consumption-based pricing & reporting, and the flexibility of your preferred best of breed applications for every task.

On-demand management & optimization of applications & resources

Rally deploys and scales resources and applications as you need them. There's no 'always-on', and no expensive hardware. As your volumes increase, your supply chain automatically scales to meet demand.

User-preferred resources and applications

Rally is application and resource agnostic; you define the applications you want to use for each processing operation and Rally automatically deploys the resources required to run it, whenever you need it.


On-demand sourcing of 3rd-party applications & services

Rally provides access to your preferred 3rd party applications for transcode, QC, normalization and media processing applications, all on a consumption basis with simple content minute pricing.

SDVI predictive analytics

Rally constantly analyzes supply chain and infrastructure performance, providing forecasting and modeling capabilities and automated optimization.

Granular cost tracking, configurable billing, reporting & cost dashboards

Rally provides granular cost reporting down to each individual process, and allowing you to see exactly what was spent on each item of content. It also provides clear, simple dashboards for cost control and reporting. This enables transparent, accurate cross-billing and reporting.

Public & private cloud, & virtualized on premise

Rally managed supply chains are deployed across public and private clouds, virtualized on-premise infrastructure, or any combination, enabling you to leverage existing infrastructure and scale as required.

Dynamic resource provisioning & demand-based scaling

Rally only deploys exactly the resources and applications required. As workloads fluctuate, Rally adjusts the deployed resources and applications accordingly.

All license management, including any you already own

Rally not only provides access to applications on demand, but also manages licenses you already own. This allows you to continue leveraging your existing investment, while augmenting with cloud based services.

Capex & Opex options

Rally offers complete commercial flexibility. Usage based billing facilitates a migration to an opex model, but Rally can also be provided on a capital-based fixed-term license.

Content-minute pricing for accurate costs per asset/program

Rally's per-content-minute pricing allows you to easily determine the total processing costs for every piece of content, including all infrastructure and processing costs.