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Discover how Rally is used today to optimize common supply chain challenges in media workflows, including automated file delivery and validation for incoming content, burst and batch processing at scale, preparing media for multi-platform distribution, and packaging content for delivery.

File Delivery & Validation

Rally-managed supply chains provide on-demand, automatic file validation and QC that scales dynamically with workload. Any problems can be fixed automatically or rejected based on business rules.

Batch & Burst

Rally dynamically scales supply chain infrastructure so when volume fluctuates, applications and resources are scaled up and spun down on-demand. Rally manages all licenses, including those you own.

Media Prep

With SDVI Rally, manual media prep processes all occur as part of a virtualized supply chain; users access editing and QC tools directly from within Rally or via plug-ins to apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro.


With Rally, packaging for multiple platforms is all part of a single supply chain. Rally automatically deploys applications to deliver the specification required by each platform.