Booth SU7022

South Upper, Las Vegas CC, April 24-27 2017

NAB 2017 - SDVI brings virtualized media supply chains to real-world use cases


At the 2017 NAB show, SDVI (South Upper, booth #7022) will be showing the latest version of SDVI Rally, its next-generation media supply chain management platform. Visitors will see demonstrations showing how SDVI Rally addresses day-to-day use cases facing modern media companies, including Fox, Discovery Communications and Turner.


Traditional media supply chains consist of specialized 3rd party applications, and fixed technical resources. Next generation, virtualized infrastructures enable programmable assignment of the compute, storage, and networking resources required to support processing applications. The SDVI Media Supply Chain Management platform provides this capability, including advanced analytic tools for optimizing the supply chain. Virtualized supply chains managed by SDVI Rally dramatically reduce time-to-revenue while increasing asset utilization and efficiency.


Use case demonstrations on display include:


Using Rally for File Delivery and Validation

Rally-managed supply chains provide on-demand, automatic file validation and QC that scales dynamically with workload. When new content arrives, Rally analyzes it against in-house specifications; if problems are detected, they can be fixed automatically using industry-standard 3rd party applications as defined by the customer, or rejected based on business rules.


Using Rally for Batch and Burst

Rally dynamically scales supply chain infrastructure so when volume fluctuates, applications and resources are scaled up and spun down on-demand. 3rd party applications and resources can be sourced from SDVI, and Rally also manages the licenses you already own.


Using Rally for Media Prep

With SDVI Rally, the manual processes involved in preparing media for distribution all occur as part of a virtualized supply chain; users access editing and QC tools directly from within Rally or via plug-ins to industry-standard apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro, and content remains part of the supply chain throughout.


Using Rally for Packaging

With Rally, packaging for multiple platforms is all part of a single supply chain. Rally automatically deploys the customer’s preferred applications and resources, transforming media and metadata to deliver the exact specification required by each platform, without duplicating resources. Adding a new output destination is as simple as defining a new specification, and the rest of the supply chain remains unchanged.