Rally Gateway

Media submission and management portal for content suppliers

Rally Gateway benefits
  • Define submission specifications and allow for automatic compliance

  • Create a branded portal each supplier with unique specifications

  • Leverage Rally Gateway's widget framework to customize each suppliers view

  • Extend the supply chain to suppliers with automatic external workorders for modifications or changes

  • Provide ongoing status updates to suppliers automatically

  • Incorporate review and approval steps from third-party suppliers into the supply chain 
Unlock the power of metadata to optimize content supply chains.

Implementing an automated supply chain managed by Rally provides many benefits, including reduced costs, increased efficiency, complete elasticity and quicker time to market for your content. But it also highlights the need to optimize your content collection capabilities in to sharp focus, and that’s where Rally Gateway comes in.


Practically every media organization in the world receives content from multiple internal and external producers, in different formats, with different metadata, at different rates. This inherently puts the emphasis on organizing, analyzing, validating and normalizing the content on to the receiving organization. When multiplied by tens (or even hundreds) of producers, each delivering large volumes of content (sometimes multiple seasons at the same time), this represents a large, complex, manually intensive process.


Rally Gateway allows you to publish media portals for any given group of users, and control the functionality they can access, via Rally Widgets. Whether you want a single branded portal for all producers, or multiple branded portals for each production company, Rally Gateway has you covered.


As a Rally user, you can create, configure and modify Gateway portals which are automatically published in real-time. Selecting colors, logos and layouts, the portal will only present what you want, how you want, to the users you choose. Through a combination of pages & widgets, you can build Gateway portals to support multiple use cases within your supply chain…

The content logger widget in Rally Gateway.

Typical content dashboard built using a selection of Rally Gateway widgets

Media Contribution Portal

You’d like an external content production company to be able to deliver content to you, automatically review it, verify it, fix it if needed, and let them know it’s been accepted or rejected without any manual intervention. Rally Gateway lets you determine accepted formats, define the metadata delivery requirements, and automatically enters content in to the required supply chain to ready it for distribution.

Workorder Review

You have an automated supply chain but have content that requires manual review when exceptions are met in the automated process. And you need to ensure that content automatically rejoins the supply chain and routes appropriately when the review is complete. Simply add a page to your Gateway portal with the workorder widget, and users will automatically be informed when they have tasks to do. Complete the task, and the content continues on its automated path.

Media Status Dashboards

You want to provide media processing status to a group of users? They may be an internal or external group that needs to know where content is in the supply chain, and when it is expected to be complete. Rally Gateway provides widgets for job status, content status, and estimated time of completion – simply build a page in a Gateway portal, define who you’d like to have access, and then add the desired widgets.

Content search results in Rally Gateway.

Content Review & Approval

Following a legal compliance edit to make content suitable for distribution to a particular platform, the producer needs to review and approve the changes, but the content is still in the cloud. Simply add a review & approval widget to a Gateway portal page, and route the review to the desired user as a workorder. The producer can review the changes, comment & approve, and the content automatically continues its path to distribution.

Metadata Review & Logging

As content goes through a supply chain, an enormous amount of metadata can be generated. Automated QC processes, AI content analysis, technical metadata – all generate valuable time-based metadata that can aid manual content processes. In Rally Gateway, the Logging widget provides direct access to all this metadata, overlaid on proxy video, directly in a browser. Unlock the power of your metadata to optimize your content supply chains.

Job Monitoring

In the old world of content submission, content would be delivered, and the producer would hear nothing… until, in the last minute before air, an issue would be found and a panic would ensue. With Rally Gateway, job status, acceptance status, supply chain status and even custom QC reports can all be made available to producers automatically via their portal, ensuring content doesn’t get stuck somewhere, giving everyone visibility of where it is and when it needs to be ready.



With the collection of widgets available – and more continuously being added – Rally Gateway becomes the literal gateway to your supply chain, to your content, and to the cloud.


Rally Gateway functionality is built in to every SDVI Rally system, providing the power to add, edit and remove custom portals on the fly.