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Rally + Amazon Web Services

Rally is the world’s leading cloud-native media supply chain management platform, managing complex tasks and helping media companies leverage the efficiencies of the cloud. AWS is one of the most feature-rich cloud platforms in the Media & Entertainment industry, providing an unrivaled blend of infrastructure, AI, storage and automation components.

Together, we create unprecedented agility, efficiency, and scalability for the world’s largest and most innovative media organizations.

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Rally manages and streamlines AWS-powered media supply chains

  • Migrate all or part of your content library to AWS S3 – an essential first step to ensure your organization always has access to your content

  • Expand or contract compute capability as business needs dictate with AWS EC2, supported by AWS EBS block storage

  • Enrich and utilize content metadata, identify and flag problematic content, with the help of AWS Rekognition

  • Transform your file for any storage or delivery requirements using AWS Elemental MediaConvert

  • Employ reliable automated speech-to-text capabilities with Amazon Transcribe

How customers use Rally + AWS:

Learn more about how AWS and SDVI won an Emmy in 2019 for our work with Discovery and FOX NE&O (Walt Disney Television).


Discovery talks about virtualizing their media supply chain at AWS re:invent 2016.

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An AWS e-book:
Transforming the Media Supply Chain

Automate asset management and broadcast supply chains, manage media content, more efficiently, scale storage and processing to the needs of your business.


From the AWS blog:
Using ML in the media supply chain to optimize content creation: How to improve efficiency for operations teams and automate workflows with ML metadata

The Challenge: use ML to assess and validate incoming content while helping manage re-versioning and distribution tasks.

Rally provides:


Media Supply Chain Management

Automatic control & optimization of resources and applications

  • Recommends design based on technical, operational and financial parameters

  • Automatic application of designs to all applicable incoming content

  • Provides comprehensive operating metrics and status notifications


Infrastructure Management

Dynamic resource provision and on-the-fly scaling

  • Automatically manages, provisions and optimizes resources

  • Automatic reconciliation of supply chain demands with available infrastructure

  • Manages resources across multiple environments, including existing infrastructure


Application Sourcing

On-demand sourcing of applications and services

  • Application services are sold on demand as required by the supply chain

  • Commercial flexibility, using opex or capex models

  • Management of existing customer licenses and on-demand license requirements


Optimization & Modeling

Quick, efficient response to new revenue-generating opportunities

  • Automatic association between resource usage/cost and content properties

  • Supply chains optimized based on factors including resources, budget, priorities

  • Modeling of supply chain alternatives prior to deployment of new programming

Operations & Financial Management

Accurate, per-minute processing costs for individual assets

  • Efficient report-generation allows operations analysis and job costing

  • Data collection and analysis aids accurate budgeting and deployment strategies

  • Accurate reporting of per-program cost enables efficient cost-to-air modeling

Security & Control

In-transit and at-rest encryption, firewalled private SaaS and VPC

  • Complete control of user rights available through Single Sign-On

  • Watermarks, key-based access and virtual private networks

  • All communication in and out is via secure HTTPS using Secure TLS

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