Rally Access

Content QC and Compliance

Work smarter and faster to focus on the task at hand.


Well-designed supply chains don’t just automate tasks: they also help operators be more effective. Rally Access helps operators work smarter, faster - better - by linking automated supply chain functions and the metadata they produce to the manual tasks they require. Presented either as a panel in Adobe® Premiere Pro® or in Rally Gateway with Accurate.Video Validate, Rally Access combines content and metadata on the timeline, guiding users to exactly the right moment and track where content requires their attention.​​


Your tools where you

need them


Focus your attention only where required


Manage by exception -

be more productive.

When presented with only their specific workorder requirements, operators maximize their productivity and can focus on the data related to the task at hand.


Rally Access panel for Adobe Premiere Pro


The Rally Access panel for Adobe Premiere Pro makes all your workorders available directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Click on a workorder and Access automatically compiles all media and metadata necessary for the task, placing them on the timeline and allowing you to get to work immediately. The Rally Access panel streamlines tasks from manual QC and compliance review to compliance editing and craft edit sessions. All new metadata, edits, and effects are synced directly back to Rally. Through integration with Adobe Media Encoder, your new version can be rendered automatically without having to leave your supply chain, while retaining the original content and all project metadata.

With the Rally Access panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, operators and editors can work in a familiar environment, more efficiently, and with the full functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro, including all format, audio and subtitle support. Work locally or in the cloud, with proxy or high-res media, without changing your normal workflow.


Rally Access with Accurate.Video Validate

Prefer the flexibility of working in a web browser? Utilizing a Rally Gateway portal, Rally Access allows operators to select tasks and open them using integrated Accurate.Video Validate -- without ever leaving the browser. All segment, QC, and ML metadata are presented in an interface that is easy to understand and operate. Validate all incoming metadata and add additional metadata as needed to complete the task at hand. Work on proxy media, including additional audio and subtitles from within the browser. Once the workorder is completed in Accurate Video Validate, Rally allows the content to continue seamlessly through the supply chain, validating the metadata produced in the session and intelligently deciding the next steps necessary to complete the process.

How it works

Operators work smarter, using time-based metadata to jump instantly to only those parts of a media file that need attention. No more time wasted reviewing unnecessary content. With Rally Access, what used to take hours gets done in minutes.

  • Time-based metadata from automated steps is collected, organized, and normalized, then points operators to the data relevant to the current job.

  • “Go-to” buttons provide single-click access to the next clip and location that needs attention, eliminating time wasted searching for issues.

  • Configurable workorder scope allows administrators to predefine job type and metadata needed for the operator to complete the work.

  • Priority of workorders is dynamically assigned based on urgency, ensuring operators are always presented the highest priority tasks.

  • Active workorders get removed from the queue, eliminating the potential for duplication of work.

  • Tracking of workorder completion status and task duration helps identify potential bottlenecks.

Feature Comparison

The Rally Platform supports multiple player and edit applications. This table highlights the feature differences between the available options.