Traditional media supply chains are focused on individual delivery platforms - content arrives and is processed and packaged for a specific destination: linear television, VOD, OTT, MSOs. When content already prepared for linear broadcast is needed elsewhere, you have to duplicate much of the effort. Multiple operational procedures, fraught with duplication and opportunity for error. Multiple silos of resources, with each workflow becoming an expensive island, detached from the rest of the system, dedicated to a specific platform.

With Rally, packaging for all the platforms you serve becomes a simple decision point in your existing supply chain, without the need to replicate effort for each and every output.


Whether library content, recently aired, or acquired programming, Rally transforms media and metadata, and delivers it to the exact specifications required by each platform. Transcoding, changing aspect ratios, even just re-processing metadata – no new hardware, no more silos, just shared, optimized infrastructure, paying only for what you use. And because Rally is dynamic, adding a new output destination is as simple as defining a new specification. The rest of the supply chain remains unchanged: no procurement, delivery, configuration and integration headaches.


Rally’s elastic infrastructure means that you only ever use the resources you require, guaranteeing outstanding operational efficiency, while SaaS-based, pay-as-you-go pricing models deliver unparalleled cost savings.

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