Rally Access



Content Verification In
Adobe  Premiere Pro CC

Rally Access features

  • Automated supply chain rules assign and track manual tasks

  • Instantly locate segments and tracks associated with workorders using time-based metadata

  • Easy to learn and use through industry standard tools like Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Supports content proxies in the cloud and full-resolution content on premise

  • Full visibility and prioritization of work in progress

  • Exports and renders EDLs

  • Automatically measures and reports on job efficiency

  • Built-in, customizable templates for QC, compliance, segment timing, and simple edit


Efficient Manual Workorder Processing for Media Supply Chains

Despite the desire to automate repetitive tasks, well-designed supply chains must also support human interaction within the manufacturing process. In media preparation and delivery, this interaction typically takes the form of manual steps like quality control (QC), segmentation, or compliance editing for adherence to standards & practices. Integrating manual steps as part of the overall supply chain is key to maintaining efficiency. Otherwise, manual activities become weak or broken links in the supply chain—isolated, untrackable, and inefficient.

Rally Access links automated supply chain functions and the metadata they produce to the necessary manual processes they often require. Presented through Adobe Premiere Pro CC as a Panel, Rally Access combines content and metadata on the timeline to guide users to exactly the right moment and track for each item being checked. Driven by the Rally work order capability, manual tasks appear automatically in Adobe Premiere Pro CC via Rally Access, complete with time-based metadata from prior automated processes. This means all automated QC events, content markers, segment timings, and AI analysis results, are available directly within Adobe Premiere Pro CC—a tool that’s already available and well-known by staff. This focuses the operator to the specific areas of the content that need review, dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete.


In many facilities, manual tasks may represent only a small part of the time spent. Frequently, getting ready to work and documenting what was done can take more time than the task itself. Rally Access puts everything in one place, including the content, the test results, the in and out points of each task, and other crucial metadata. Work orders in Rally Access are presented as clickable “go-to” buttons, eliminating the time and frustration of finding clips and locating issues. When a task is completed, the supply chain continues, and the work done is documented automatically to benefit downstream supply chain steps.


The Rally Access panels for Adobe Premiere Pro CC automatically create a workorder list so that operators don't need to hunt for files, segments, or tracks.

Rally automatically generates, organizes, assigns, and presents manual tasks in to-do lists based on the definition of the supply chain. Jobs can be routed to specific operators or presented to a group to be “claimed” by anyone on the team. Operators see only what they are supposed to work on—even down to the type of task within a clip. This provides the flexibility to dedicate operators to evaluate QC findings while another works on legal compliance tasks within the same tool.

Through integration with Adobe Media Encoder, results of the review session can automatically be rendered as required without ever leaving your supply chain, retaining both the original content in addition to all project metadata.

Many workflow-based management systems focus on automated processing steps but do little to drive greater efficiencies in the human engagement in the process. Rally is designed to optimize the entire supply chain—especially where people are involved. As operators use Rally Access, they spend less time on tasks, get more done with greater accuracy, produce better documentation, and ultimately contribute to a better finished product at a lower cost.