SDVI Corporation

About SDVI

SDVI Corporation was founded on the premise that there is a better way to run and optimize media facilities. ​

Over years, media organizations have evolved in to large facility operators in order to meet the ever changing demands of media delivery. Every time they have to deliver content to a new platform, they need a new system. Every time advances are made in formats (think SD to HD, tape to file, or now, HD to UHD), they need to upgrade their systems. And every time this happens, their focus on content is gradually eroded as they spend more time and money worrying about the infrastructure they operate.

Modern technical approaches (cloud, virtualization, infrastructure as code) can help, but this challenge is not entirely technical - it’s also fundamentally commercial. How much am I spending on content preparation? How much money will I make from specific shows? How much will it cost to launch on a new service? How can I account for and recoup costs for content preparation? SDVI brings supply chain thinking and modern technical approaches to the space, backed by decades of experience in the media and entertainment technology sectors.

SDVI is a privately-held company, based in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in the US and Europe.

Our goals

To massively simplify supply chain deployment and operation across all environments

To provide a marketplace of applications and processes on a consumption basis

To bring cost tracking, transparency and reporting to our customers' operations

To utilize analytics to model and optimize our customers' operations


SDVI Corporation

440 North Wolfe Road

Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA