Media Prep

In a typical media supply chain, content often requires manual steps to prepare it for delivery to a particular platform. Compliance editing, segment timing, ad marking, captioning – they all vary based on the platform and content type. In addition to fully automated tasks, these human-driven processes have to be performed using dedicated, expensive workstations, and content has to be transferred out of the supply chain, losing visibility and the ability to continue the automated process.

SDVI Rally automates as many of these processes as possible, and provides tools for operators to deal with those that need manual intervention. With Rally, manual processes involved in preparing media for distribution all occur as part of the supply chain. Rally automates those processes that are applicable for each piece of content, and when manual intervention is required, sends automatic notifications to the appropriate user, with a list of required actions.

Rally’s built-in tools allow operators to perform simple edits such as in/out point markers, timing segmentation, ad markers and so on - using proxy versions from directly within the Rally UI; for more detailed content edits, for example to edit for compliance or to trim black air, Rally has plug-ins to industry-standard editing tools; you can edit your content using your familiar applications, then save it without creating multiple versions. The source material never leaves the supply chain.

As always, Rally constantly analyzes and optimizes your workflow, making sure that exactly the resources you require are deployed, adding and spinning down applications and services as workflow and content volume dictate.

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