File Delivery & Validation

Today's file-based workflows require media organizations to be prepared to receive hundreds or possibly thousands of pieces of media every day – programs, promos, commercials. They typically arrive in varying states - wrong wrapper, wrong media format, wrong version, missing audio, file corruption, or any other number of issues. Identifying potential problems requires analysis, which means consuming operators' time and the introduction of delay into the supply chain.

Rally can completely automate this process. When content arrives, Rally automatically deploys appropriate applications, based on the steps that you've defined. Rally automatically ensures that the files, including metadata, match your delivery specification, checking format, wrapper, resolution and metadata fields against your pre-defined checklist. Rally also provides a deeper content QC, dynamically deploying best-of-breed 3rd party applications to examine the content structure and essence for other inconsistencies.


If there's a problem, Rally takes action based on your business rules. The submission can be rejected and returned to the provider, with details of the problems that require fixing and a resubmission requested; or Rally can fix the problem itself, re-wrapping or transforming content so that it conforms to your house standard. All processing costs are tracked and reported, allowing you to predict and manage your costs and to facilitate cross-billing.

Whether a single program or 1000 pieces of content arriving simultaneously, Rally dynamically deploys the resources required. The amount of infrastructure and applications spins up and down depending on content volume, and you're only billed for what you've used on a content-minute basis.

When validation is complete and content is in the format you require, Rally sends the files wherever they are next required, or progresses them to another part of your supply chain. And because this all happens in a virtual, cloud-based environment, content is immediately available to all facilities across your network, anywhere in the world.

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