DPP Design for Tomorrow Reporting Series

SDVI is a proud sponsor of the DPP reporting series "Design for Tomorrow".

The series seeks to uncover the ways in which companies will adapt to and emerge from the pandemic period, facing head-on the unique challenges of today's Media & Entertainment landscape. Every company will seek to redesign itself so that it can operate more effectively going forward. But what are the key principles that will increase both resilience and effectiveness in the future media economy? And how are those principles applied across the supply chain?

"Design for Tomorrow" uses the DPP's unique access to expertise from across the whole media supply chain to identify those key principles. SDVI is pleased to make three special reports available to you.


Key Design Principles


This first report in the series establishes the high level key design principles that set the framework for the rest of the work. Learn what it means to make your business Safe, Available, Flexible, Informed, and Relevant.

Download the report.        Watch the webinar - DPP members only


Content Preparation

Once we've established the general principles that should frame your vision for change, what does it mean to put those principles into practice in the media supply chain? This report explores the success factors in content preparation – from the moment content is delivered to a media company, to the moment it leaves to be distributed to consumers, or to be stored for the longer term. 

Download the report.        Watch the webinar - DPP members only


Libraries and Archives

This report continues to explore the success factors required in building and managing libraries and archives. These repositories hold media and metadata – the inventory of the media business – whether for reuse and exploitation or for preservation. Their resilience and success is therefore crucial to the health of our industry. 

Download the report.        Watch the webinar - DPP members only


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