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Value is derived when you begin operating parts of your media factory as a supply chain. The media supply chain model creates the optimal conditions for increased efficiency, agility, and cost-savings in workflow and operations.

Value is compounded when multiple use cases move to a cloud-native supply chain. Identifying and exploiting commonalities across use cases, you achieve even greater efficiency, agility, and cost-reductions: now the whole enterprise is more nimble, more productive, and more responsive to new opportunities. 

While most companies begin by migrating a single use case, magic happens when you begin to optimize them in relation to one another.  Contact us for specifics about the savings you can achieve moving one - or many - of these areas to a cloud-native supply chain.

Content Receipt

Real customer returns:

  • 40% reduction in media handling costs

  • 75% of incoming content handling automated within 7 months

Content Normalization

Real customer returns:

  • 50% reduction in headcount

  • 20% reduction in headcount in one year

Content Logging

Real customer returns:

  • Reduction from 3 shifts to 2 shifts

  • $1m edit suites replaced with $2k workstations

Content Localization

Real customer returns:

  • 80% reduction in time to prepare localized content

Content Modification

Real customer returns:

  • 70% improvement in time to market

  • 15% cost of previous mechanisms

  • 83% faster processing

  • Infinitely improved scalability

  • 10% of cost of using a service provider

  • 1.2% error rate (sample size: millions of jobs, 560k+ hrs.)

Content Archiving

Real customer returns:

  • Increased availability of all archive content

Content Distribution

Real customer returns:

  • 25% reduction in operating costs

  • 23% increase in revenue

  • 60% y/y increase in content output post-acquisition

  • 45 mins to determine profitability of a new business opportunity

  • 15,000 assets delivered to a new platform over a weekend

Learn more about how Rally optimizes the media supply chain:

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