Next-generation media supply chain management

SDVI Background

SDVI Rally is a cloud-based platform that manages and optimizes your media supply chain. Rally dynamically deploys the necessary applications and infrastructure to build a supply chain that provides all of the media processing your workflow requires. These resources can be located on-premise, in a public cloud, in a private cloud, or in any combination.


Rally constantly analyzes and optimizes, making sure that only the infrastructure required is deployed, scaling up and spinning down your preferred applications and resources as volume fluctuates. Applications and resources can be sourced from SDVI, or Rally can combine the licenses that you already own with appropriate storage and compute resources. Consumption-based pricing means that you pay only for what you use, and asset-tracking and reporting provides you with accurate costs down to the content minute.

SDVI Rally provides

Media Supply Chain Management

Automatic control & optimization of resources and applications

•  Recommends design based on
   technical, operational and financial

•  Design can automatically be applied
   to all applicable incoming content

•  Provides comprehensive operating 

   metrics and status notifications

Infrastructure Management

Dynamic resource provision and on-the-fly scaling

•  Automatically manages, provisions
   and optimizes resources

•  Automatic reconciliation of supply
   chain demands with available

•  Manages resources across multiple
   environments, including existing


Optimization &

Quick, efficient response to new revenue-generating opportunities

•  Automatic association between
   resource usage/cost and content

•  Supply chains optimized based on

   factors including resources, budget,


•  Modeling of supply chain 

   alternatives prior to deployment of 

   new programming

Operations &

Financial Management

Accurate, per-minute processing costs for individual assets

•  Efficient report-generation allows
   operations analysis and job costing

•  Data collection and analysis aids
   accurate budgeting and deployment

•  Accurate reporting of per-program 

   cost enables efficient cost-to-air 


Application Sourcing

On-demand sourcing of applications and services

•  Application services are sold on
   demand as required by the supply

• Commercial flexibility, using 

   Opex or Capex models

•  Management of existing customer

   licenses and on-demand license


Security & Control

In-transit and at-rest encryption, firewalled private SaaS and VPC

•  Complete control of user rights
   available through Single Sign-On

•  Watermarks, key-based access and

   virtual private networks

•  All communication in and out is via 

   secure HTTPS using Secure TLS

Third-party applications

Specific content transformation processes, such as transcode, QC and captioning, are performed by best-of-breed, third-party applications, which Rally makes available to the supply chain as required. Application services are deployed and managed just the same as Rally's own services, dynamically on a usage basis, and Rally even manages all of the software license resources, including licenses that you might already own. Learn more about the 3rd-party applications that Rally provisions here.