Rally for Content Receipt

The media supply chain, like any manufacturing supply chain, starts with receipt of raw materials to create a product. In media, the raw materials are finished, produced media from whoever made it, be that an external production company, an internal production group, or even restores or digitized versions of content retrieved from your own deep archive. The “creation” of the product is the detailed process of transforming that media to the myriad formats and versions needed for distribution, archiving, and more.

Real customer returns

  • 40% reduction in media handling costs

  • 75% of incoming content handling automated within 7 months

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The Problem

The receipt of content - sometimes from hundreds of sources – can cause operational and technical headaches for the team receiving it.

  • Variable volumes of incoming content

  • Disparate sources

  • Wide array of formats

  • Created for different purposes

Traditional solutions relied on over-provisioning of operational and infrastructure resources to ensure readiness. Today, strong operational process supported by smart automation and scalable infrastructure provide the efficiency and agility to deal with changing requirements and fluctuating demand.

Why QC the content if it isn’t right in the first place?

The Rally Media Supply Chain Platform improves efficiency and agility in the content receipt process for some of the biggest names in media and entertainment.


In a Rally supply chain, content is automatically received in the cloud, delivered via either a Rally Gateway or methods such as SFTP or an accelerated file transfer tool. Rally then automatically scans the content for cleanliness, registers it, analyzes it, measures it against your defined delivery specifications, and either accepts it in to your ‘facility’ or rejects it, informing the provider of the rejection details.

Once accepted, the media can be automatically QC’ed using the leading QC tools you normally use, but now on-demand on a consumption basis.  An automatic QC report generates data that is then evaluated by Rally - based on business rules you define - to determine if the content should be fully accepted.


If the QC pass identifies issues, Rally helps optimize any human interaction required. It looks at all of the data captured during the analyze process (technical metadata) along with any machine-readable QC report, normalizes that data, and presents it to the operator, highlighting the problem areas. A workorder is generated based on this data which can be routed to any operator via a Rally Gateway, either as text or as visual markers on a proxy.



  • Upload

  • Virus scan

  • Analyze

  • Evaluate

  • Automated QC

  • Manual QC review

  • Accept/ reject

If a more comprehensive review or fixes are required, the workorder can be routed directly to a QC operator within Adobe Premiere, using the Rally Access panel. All the issues that were uncovered in the automated review are highlighted on the timeline itself, making it quick and simple to review, repair, and progress the media file.

Managing the headache of metadata receipt

Metadata receipt and handling can be a huge challenge in the media supply chain. When it is delivered with your content, metadata may arrive any number of formats, from CVS and XML to JSON. Rally processes, normalizes and utilizes this incoming data in whatever format is needed. Additionally, Rally Gateway provides forms for entering or validating metadata - even highlighting missing metadata - upon delivery. 


Rally Gateway supports metadata entry and validation.

All of this activity happens within the Rally cloud environment - no need for any file management, transfers, manual processes or worries about scalability. The Rally platform will dynamically scale the resources required to support the workload, and you only pay for what is used.


Our customers have realized significant gains for using this solution: 

  • 40% reduction in media handling costs

  • 75% of incoming content handling automated within 7 months


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