Rally for Content Normalization

If your organization doesn’t normalize content on initial content receipt, you can end up with a repository brimming with multiple formats for multiple purposes from multiple sources. Some organizations strive to have a single “house” format for all media. Others prefer a more pragmatic approach - different versions for different uses or depending on the content’s stage in its lifecycle – resulting in a “production master” or “distribution master”.


Real customer returns

  • 50% reduction in headcount

  • 20% reduction in headcount in one year

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Regardless of your organization’s approach, you will always need to transform your media in some way. Transformation encompasses transcoding but is potentially a lot more than that. Transformation may include:

  • rewrapping

  • time compression

  • frame rate conversions

  • SDR to HDR conversions

  • resolution changes

The list goes on…

Traditionally vs. Today

In a traditional media infrastructure, you would select specific tools for certain types of transformation.  You’d purchase a quantity or capacity of those tools based on your expected peak volumes for those types of transformations, often leading to over-provisioning. 

Additionally, those tools would be allocated to your specific operational group and not typically available to the rest of the organization. For many organizations, a long and common history of this sort of provisioning has led to siloed infrastructure, where different tool sets are deployed piecemeal throughout the organization, over-provisioned and under-utilized most of the time.

The Right Tools for the Job at Hand

The Rally Media Supply Chain Platform makes all the processing tools your organization needs available to everyone, on demand.


Have a particular type of transformation that requires a specific tool? Rally will automatically route the job through the specified application using the preset and profiles you've already created.  


What if you could mix and match different transformation tools depending on the output quality required or based on the value of the content you are producing? Is there a time-to-market problem where only fast will do? No problem. Rally makes the tools you want for each job available, elastically, as required.


Rally provides you with a powerful, versatile toolbox, accessible across the entire organization.  And you can do so much more with Rally than normalize content. Explore other uses for Rally and the Application Services toolbox across Content Modification and Content Distribution


Application Services Market

Ateme Titan   ·   AWS MediaConvert    ·   Bitmovin 

Cinnafilm Tachyon   ·   Dalet Amberfin   ·  

FFmpeg   ·   Hybrik   ·   Telestream Vantage  ·  Unified Streaming