Rally for Content Modification

Content often needs to be modified prior to distribution for a number of different reasons: identifying ad breaks or markers, segmentation, trim to fit a specific time, or even light editing to resolve issues related to a particular piece of content. As explored in Content Normalization, the Rally Media Supply Chain Platform provides access to a broad range of tools that can be used to modify content.

Real customer returns

  • 70% improvement in time to market

  • 15% cost of previous mechanisms

  • 83% faster processing

  • Infinitely improved scalability

  • 10% of cost of using a service provider

  • 1.2% error rate (sample size: millions of jobs, 560k+ hrs.)

Content Modification.png

Content modification is often a slow and expensive process because it can include editorial or creative decisions by people working directly on the content. But it also includes the type of modifications that are ripe to be automated as they are based on business rules, not creative input. Removing bars and tone, adding or removing black between segments or segmenting files can all be done programmatically based on metadata and business logic if you have the right platform. This means less repetitive tasks for your highly skilled operators, and more time for the creative work, resulting in much higher throughput. 

To assist with modifications that require some personal decision making and creativity, the Rally platform provides a number of core tools. At the heart of the solution is a workorder management system that is used to assign tasks to groups or individuals. Those tasks represent jobs that need completing by the operator and are automatically prioritized based on urgency or deadline. Each job contains a set of instructions for what the operator needs to do, in addition to access to any media, metadata or sidecar files that may be needed to complete the job.


Examples of Supply Chain Modification

  • Remove bars & tone

  • Add or remove black

  • Segmenting files

In Rally Gateway, the workorder system drives operators to complete such tasks as segmentation, time-based metadata review or even a simple proxy edit using markers. Once the content is marked and saved, the resulting decisions made by the operator (EDL) are forwarded to any number of processing tools to conform the edit and create the new version. The edited content is subsequently progressed to the next step in the workflow for any further review, approvals or distribution.

Rally Access provides access to the same workorder system, meaning editors don’t have to leave their environment to know what they need to be working on. Working directly within Adobe Premiere, operators can take tasks, review and modify content and metadata, and directly execute the decisions they make on the master version of the content, still stored safely in the cloud. Conforming becomes an asynchronous task, allowing operators to quickly move on to the next task in their list.


Applications At-scale and On-demand

Rally provides on-demand access to the broadest selection of processing tools available anywhere. Chances are, if there is a transcoder or other processing tools you already use, it’s already available for use in Rally. And if it isn’t, we’ll fix that. Access to such a broad range of tools gives you the opportunity to think differently about how you pick the tools you use. Traditionally, you’d evaluate a tool for a given job, determine it’s capabilities and value compared to other tools, pick it, deploy it, and use it for that purpose. If you needed to do something different, you’d either determine whether the tool you had could do it or had the capacity, or determine what other tools you may need and repeat the whole process.

When you have immediate, on-demand access to all the tools you need, life becomes much simpler. You want to test a specific transformation with a specific tool? Go for it. You want to mix and match the tools you have available to the workload you have, based on value, quality or time thresholds? Simple. And worrying about scale and capacity becomes a thing of the past, as all tools on the Rally platform are both on-demand and elastic. Once you're automatically scaling to meet the demands of your workflow and content volumes, you can focus on the core business of creating and delivering content at scale.


Application Services Market

Ateme Titan  ·  Adobe Media Encoder  ·  AWS MediaConvert

Bitmovin  ·  Cinnafilm  ·  Dalet Amberfin  ·  EEG  · 

Emotion Engine  ·  ·  FFmpeg  ·  Hybrik 

Linear Acoustics  · Pycaption  ·  Telestream Vantage 

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