Rally for Content Localization

Any media operation thats delivering content internationally has to deal with the process of content localization - making content that was produced for a specific market suitable for other markets and audiences. Sometimes called Content Compliance, this step in a supply chain will often include content moderation as covered in Content Logging but is also concerned with altering audio language and captions or subtitles.

Real customer returns

  • 80% reduction in time to prepare localized content

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Traditionally vs. Today

Traditionally, this is both a very time-consuming and expensive process for any media company due to the level of manual human effort required. Often times the ‘translation’ part of creating new language versions or captions is outsourced to local specialists, but even in those situations, managing the multiple different tracks and versions can be a headache.

The Rally Media Supply Chain Platform makes it easy to handle the localization process as well as managing and tracking all those different components, whether you are operating in an IMF world or not. Rally allows you to create an inventory of content for any given asset, and this may include IMF components, any traditional formats, individual tracks in any format, related image files, metadata sidecar files, essentially any file. Rally tools allow you to programmatically create output versions using tags and labels, so a request for content to be delivered to France will automatically assemble the master video, the French audio track and subtitles, all on demand.



  • Dynamic content assembly

  • Language track tagging, stacking and re-ordering

  • Caption and subtitle extraction, insertion and conversion

  • Content de-composition

Rally Gateway provides the ability to publish a portal for the distribution of workorders to create new versions of captions and audio tracks to outsource partners. They are notified of a new workorder, can log in to the Gateway to access the low resolution proxy of the content, download any existing captions, subtitles or audio tracks, and then upload the translated versions directly back in to your supply chain via the same Gateway. This also provides your organization with direct visibility in to where content is in its lifecycle, which elements you may still be waiting on, and who may be a bottleneck.


Rally Gateway for workorder and metadata review.

Rally also provides access to a number of best of breed tools in the SDVI Application Services Market for subtitle and caption insertion, extraction and conversion, to support the many global standards required for international distribution. Transformations from any of those tools are available on demand, and can be triggered automatically based on workflow state.


Rally customers have realized significant efficiency gains from the ability to store content as components and automate the ‘manufacturing’ process for international versions as they are required. 


Application Services Market

AWS Rekognition  ·  AWS Transcribe  ·  AWS Translate

Cinnafilm  ·  EEG  ·  Emotion Engine  ·  Interra Baton

Linear Acoustics  ·  Pycaption