Rally for Content Distribution

Content distribution used to mean preparing masters for linear distribution, and then delivering that file to the playout system. While that is still very much a requirement and a source of much of the revenue for traditional commercial broadcasters, consumers now expect to be able to consume content on any device, at any time, either directly from the content owner or via a broad range of over-the-top, VOD or electronic sell-through platforms.


Real customer returns

  • 25% reduction in operating costs

  • 23% increase in revenue

  • 60% y/y increase in content output post-acquisition

  • 45 mins to determine profitability of a new business opportunity

  • 15,000 assets delivered to a new platform over a weekend

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Traditionally vs. Today

The rise of this multitude of content consumption platforms created real challenges for traditional media organizations. The way they’d always dealt with preparing and delivering content for linear was to build infrastructure that supported the volume of content they wanted to distribute. As new platforms became available, additional silos of infrastructure were added, and parallel operations teams would be deployed, effectively duplicating everything that happened in the linear world for the non-linear world. It became pretty clear to most that this model didn’t scale, and increasing costs and complexity compared to the relative increase in revenue serving these new platforms wasn’t a sustainable model.

The manufacturing paradigm of a media supply chain is particularly interesting in the context of distribution. You have received the raw materials, you’ve crafted them into a master product, and you must now modify and package them for the markets and consumers that they will be delivered to. The Rally Media Supply Chain Platform makes this process very simple. Each output ‘product’ is derived from the master and can be created and delivered as required by the rules of the destination. If the target platform requires the content in a specific format and wrapper combination, with the audio tracks in a specific configuration, and also needs some form of metadata to be delivered with it, Rally can automatically create all of that with a simple supply chain. When you need to add another delivery partner, just add another supply chain - you don’t need to worry about adding new tools, more infrastructure or more operations staff.



  • Transcode

  • Rewrap

  • Metadata conversion

  • Package

  • Fragment

  • Deliver

Rally provides access to all the tools to perform any transformation, transcode, rewrap, fragment and package your content, whether it be destined for a platform provider like Comcast or Sky, a VOD delivery system for an MVPD, an OTT partner, or your own direct-to-consumer platform. 


Rally Gateway provides a simple portal to manage, monitor and control all the work required for multi-platform delivery. Operators can quickly get a sense of the scale of the operation, the volume and types of jobs running, rapidly identify any issues or exceptions that need handling, and provide visibility into where content is as its manufactured. If desired, Gateway can also provide a restricted view for your delivery partners, allowing them to determine where content is in it’s lifecycle, or even enable ‘self-serve’ selection of content from your library, allowing them to request content they would like from your platform, and have it automatically prepared and delivered in the right format for them.


Rally customers who have adopted this approach have found their distribution activities evolve from heavily manual, repetitive and capacity limited operation, to a highly dynamic, exception-based scalable factory, giving them the agility to focus on content and distribution deals, rather than managing infrastructure to deliver product. 


Application Services Market

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