Rally for Content Archiving

Any media organization knows that their content library is their core intellectual property, their Crown Jewels. Unfortunately, traditional on-premise archiving systems and hierarchical storage platforms were cumbersome, expensive to maintain, and capacity-limited, particularly with regards to restore capacity from tape.


Real customer returns

  • Increased availability of all archive content

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Whether you are uploading content specifically for the purpose of creating a cloud archive, or you’re archiving content at the end of a supply chain, creating a cloud archive for your content is now the financially prudent thing to do. Long term storage costs in the cloud have reached a point that the TCO now beats traditional on-premise options, with the purchase, housing, maintenance, support and refresh cycles. But once you have your content stored in the cloud, how do you manage it, enrich it and leverage it?

The Rally Media Supply Chain Platform provides all the core storage management rules required to migrate content automatically between storage tiers using the cloud-native APIs of the platforms. Content will automatically ‘sink’ in to deeper tiers as rules activate, and automatically retrieved to more available tiers as needed. All assets inventories, proxies and metadata remain available in Rally regardless of where the master material is stored.



  • Upload content

  • Archive when done processing

  • Full visibility of proxy & metadata

  • Restore on demand

Rally Gateway provides a simple, customizable interface for browsing and interacting with your content archive. Filtered based on user type, sections of your archive can be exposed to operators based on their role, external users can browse the content available to them and delivery or fulfillment orders can easily be placed by your operations team.


Making Content Discoverable

While building the archive and before migrating the content to deep storage, its also often worth considering enriching the content with as much metadata as possible, making future discovery and monetization much simpler. SDVI's Application Services Market provides Rally users with direct access to the leading AI and ML tools that can scan your content, adding object tags, scene changes, brand and logo recognition, transcriptions of audio and more. This valuable metadata is stored in Rally with the asset record, making it searchable and easy to manage.


Rally manages petabytes of content across multiple customers, availability zones, regions and clouds, and those organizations now have universal, secure, unfettered access to all the content their organizations own, maximizing the ability to monetize that content.


Application Services Market

AWS Rekognition  · AWS Transcribe

Google Video Intelligence

Bitmovin  ·  PikselFuse  ·  SSIMWAVE