Appendix B: Determining Where to Automate

The following list illustrates a few things to consider when determining what areas of the media supply chain would benefit from automation:


  • Tasks requiring a significant amount of manual intervention, or hands-on time to complete, e.g., more than _____ hours a ____. Processes that are frequently activated and spun down.

  • Those processes requiring _____ or more steps, or distinct actions, e.g., filling in metadata fields on multiple dropdown menus.

  • Functions involving multiple file types.

  • Functions drawing on data from several legacy systems.

  • Areas where the occurrence of errors may negatively affect compliance.

  • Processes requiring tracking information across multiple iterations and modifications.

  • Tasks that primarily rely on the skill sets of one or just a few specifically trained individuals.

  • Areas where documentation must always be current and transparent.

  • Tasks with a high risk of human error due to complexity or the number of steps required.

  •  Processes executed by opaque legacy software, or Frankencode developed as a workaround.

  • Workflows dealing with highly changeable file formats or file requirements.


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