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Highlighting Rally updates for Q1 2020

As a SaaS provider, SDVI is continually making updates, improvements and enhancements to the Rally platform -- some big, some small. In this first edition of our quarterly product update, we’ll focus on the recent changes that can make a significant difference in how you manage and operate your media supply chain. Introducing Rally Decision Engine Now available in Rally, Decision Engine provides additional control over supply chain configuration and troubleshooting with direct access to a full Python environment, extending supply chain logic into external systems and packages. Decision Engine eases the development and deployment process of supply chains by directly integrating with your exis

Addressing security standards for a new era with SOC 2 certification

PDF version As our industry transitions from software and hardware to SaaS- and consumption-based services, media organizations need new standards for identifying the cloud-based vendors that can guarantee the information security essential to their business. Up to this point, media organizations largely have relied on ISO 27001 or the MPAA, which focus on security generally relating to on-premise systems. While work is underway to expand established security standards to address cloud services, the industry needs more. Providers of SaaS or cloud-native services need a comprehensive framework by which to document their procedures and policies, and they need external auditing to validate tha ©2020 by SDVI. SDVI® and SDVI Rally® are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.