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Global Eagle CTO Chris Esposito talks worldwide content delivery, industry inflection points, and cl

In May, we shared how Global Eagle, the leading provider of entertainment and connectivity solutions for the aviation industry employs SDVI Rally Media Supply Chain Management Platform to import, process, and deliver content to 80 airlines' customers in 125 formats, while also acquiring 50k+ masters per year from thousands of content partners. We caught up with CTO Chris Esposito to get his take on this unique time in M&E and what it takes to stay on top. You have a broadcast media background. What brought you to inflight entertainment at Global Eagle? After enjoying nearly two decades in broadcast I was ready for a new challenge, but I wanted to stay in M&E. Inflight entertainment was at a

Top 3 workflows to move to the cloud

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. When heading down the path of a cloud migration – or evaluating whether cloud is the right answer in the first place – it can be overwhelming simply trying to figure out where in your supply chain to start. Do you start down the path of least resistance? Or where change can have the most impact to business efficiency or revenue? The answer to this question will not be the same for every organization, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself that will point you in the right direction. A full discussion of this topic is addressed in our article “Cloud Migration in Five Steps”, but here we look at our top three entry points. ​ #1 Recei

The returns won’t start until you start your migration

Just after NAB, SDVI hosted an invitation-only event called the Media Supply Chain Council. The intent of the meeting was specifically to address the financial and operating interests of executives considering, planning, or operating a next-generation media infrastructure in which the cloud plays a significant role. Participants included senior personnel from several global Media & Entertainment and public cloud companies. Rather than a typical vendor event where the focus is on vendor products or thinly-disguised selling, the purpose of the Media Supply Chain Council was to create a commercial-free environment where people could come together to problem-solve and generate new ideas, sharin ©2020 by SDVI. SDVI® and SDVI Rally® are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.