Batch & Burst

You have an existing, traditional, fixed infrastructure media processing plant; you’ve calculated, acquired and deployed the necessary physical resources and applications to process the content that comes through your system on a regular basis, and both your supply chain and operators can deal with the workload.

And then, it happens: you receive 500 hours of promo content that requires transcoding and captioning for a new channel launching in 3 weeks; you either have to turn some of it away, or try to grow your system to cope with the job. You could buy lots of expensive server infrastructure, but even if you can source the required amount in time, you only need it for this peak period; it'll sit idle for most of the time thereafter. Or you can try to find a rental partner, and deal with partner sourcing and management on top of existing priorities, along with the associated complex logistics and inevitable high cost rush-job rates.

Rally elastically scales resources required by your supply chain at any given time. Rally constantly analyzes throughput, performance and load, and deploys additional resources as required. If you have above-normal levels of transcoding jobs, Rally deploys more transcoding engines; when the volume falls back to more regular levels, extra resources are spun-down, and you're not paying for equipment or applications that you don't need.

In private or public cloud, or virtualized on-premise, Rally ensures that your supply chain is always optimized to fit your commercial, technical and operational priorities. Backed by a powerful analytics engine and driven by business rules that you define, Rally migrates the supply chain away from the capital intensive, peak-scaled system, layering seamlessly on top of existing virtualized infrastructure.

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