SDVI Leadership team

With nearly 33 years in the technology industry, Beachy brings a breadth of experience to his role as SDVI co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. As part of the original Omneon 

engineering team, his accomplishments include the architecture, design, and hardware implementation of the original Omneon server products, as well as driving the strategic and product architecture for Spectrum and MediaGrid as Omneon’s Chief Architect. Beachy’s responsibilities were expanded in his role as Harmonic Principal Architect to include products involving technology convergence between Harmonic and Omneon products.


Prior to joining Omneon in 1998, Beachy held positions at Intel Corporation, where his responsibilities included distributed memory supercomputers and first generation high-end Intel architecture enterprise servers, and at Tektronix, Inc. where he developed graphics systems, engineering workstations, and television graphics output hardware.


Beachy holds B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. degrees from Purdue University.

Jeff Beachy

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