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Next-generation media supply chain management with SDVI Rally

Powering supply chains for the biggest names in media

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  • Support new revenue streams

  • Accelerate time to revenue

  • Align costs with output

  • Improve productivity

  • Adapt to evolving requirements

  • Access best-fit tools immediately

  • Control security, content, infrastructure and cost

SDVI Rally is a cloud-based platform that deploys, manages and optimizes media supply chains in a public or private cloud, in a virtualized on-premise environment, or in a hybrid environment where cloud resources compliment on-premise systems. Rally creates and manages the supply chain that you define; it analyzes all of the parameters associated with each job - technical, operational, financial - and dynamically deploys the optimum supply chain, with appropriately provisioned applications and resources, based on specifications you've defined.

On-demand management and optimization of applications and resources with capex and opex options

Dynamic resource provisioning and demand-based scaling across public and private cloud and on-premise

On-demand sourcing of 3rd party applications and services on a consumption basis


SDVI predictive analytics provide supply chain and infrastructure forecasting, modeling and optimization

Granular cost tracking, configurable billing, reporting and cost dashboards

In-transit and at-rest encryption, firewalled private SaaS and VPC

Rally Use Cases

File Delivery & Validation

Rally-managed supply chains provide on-demand, automatic file validation and QC that scales dynamically with workload. Any problems can be fixed automatically or rejected based on business rules.

Batch & Burst

Rally dynamically scales supply chain infrastructure so when volume fluctuates, applications and resources are scaled up and spun down on-demand. Rally manages all licenses, including those you own.

Media Prep

With SDVI Rally, manual media prep processes all occur as part of a virtualized supply chain; users access editing and QC tools directly from within Rally or via plug-ins to apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro.


With Rally, packaging for multiple platforms is all part of a single supply chain. Rally automatically deploys applications to deliver the specification required by each platform.