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  • Support new revenue streams

  • Accelerate time to revenue

  • Align costs with output

  • Improve productivity

  • Adapt to evolving requirements

  • Access best-fit tools immediately

  • Control security, content, infrastructure and cost


SDVI Rally is a cloud-based platform that deploys, manages and optimizes media supply chains in a public or private cloud, in a virtualized on-premise environment, or in a hybrid environment where cloud resources complement on-premise systems. Rally creates and manages the supply chain that you define; it analyzes all of the parameters associated with each job - technical, operational, financial - and dynamically deploys the optimum supply chain, with appropriately provisioned applications and resources, based on specifications you've defined.

Take 90 seconds to find out how Rally fuels technical agility, operational efficiency, and business intelligence:

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On-demand management and optimization of applications and resources with capex and opex options

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Dynamic resource provisioning and demand-based scaling across public and private cloud and on-premise

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On-demand sourcing of 3rd party applications and services on a consumption basis

SDVI predictive analytics provide supply chain and infrastructure forecasting, modeling and optimization

Granular cost tracking, configurable billing, reporting and cost dashboards


In-transit and at-rest encryption, firewalled private SaaS and VPC

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Rally Use Cases

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Content Receipt

Streamline content receipt through smart automation. Rally automatically receives and scans content for compliance and cleanliness, registers, analyzes, and accepts or rejects it, informing both the content producer and your operators of the status.

Content Normalization

Rally provides access to the broadest selection of industry-standard tools, elastically and on a consumption-basis. Using presets and profiles you define, content is routed automatically through the most appropriate applications for the job.

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Content Logging

Rally captures a wide range of metadata - from object labels to QC data and transcriptions. With Rally Gateway, operators quickly navigate to and review problematic events, adjust the handles on each event, and add their own manual events. Rally Access provides an edit-friendly environment for review, compliance, QC and correction.

Content Localization

Rally gives you on-demand access to best-of-breed tools for subtitle and caption insertion, extraction and conversion, and multi-language handling. Create an inventory of content and programmatically create output versions and automatically assemble a master video on demand for each platform and territory.

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Content Modification

Rally automates repetitive tasks, leaving more time for human tasks, resulting in much higher throughput.  Rally Gateway allows operators to make edit decisions, moving content forward in the workflow for further review, approvals or distribution.  With Rally Access, operators perform workorders directly in Adobe Premiere, allowing them to review and modify content and metadata, and execute decisions on content stored safely in the cloud.

Content Distribution

Rally provides access to the tools and infrastructure you need to transform, transcode, wrap and package your content for any platform.  Adding a new delivery partner? Just add another output to your supply chain. Rally Gateway is the portal to manage, monitor and control all the work required for multi-platform delivery.

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Content Archiving

Rally provides storage management rules that allow content to automatically migrate between storage tiers, ‘sinking’ into deeper tiers or lifted to more available tiers as needed for processing or delivery. Rally also enables content to be automatically enriched using the leading AI and ML tools for future discovery and monetization. Through Rally Gateway, operators can browse and interact with the content archive.

Learn more about how Rally optimizes the media supply chain:

File Delivery & Validation

Batch & Burst

Media Prep


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